By Jennifer Belt

It's just a wall..... You got this!

Sometimes it feels daunting trying to figure out what to do with THAT WALL!! That HUGE wall in that GREAT ROOM that spans the space of two stories (you know the one.)

Do you even know where to start?

You’ve probably asked yourself questions like:

How many pieces do I need?

How do I fill it up but give it a cohesive flow?

How large of a collection should I consider?

How high should I install them?

If you have a room like this, here’s the easiest way to figure out “what to do with all that wall space!”

First, go to any office supply store and purchase a tablet of quad-ruled graph paper. Then, using the squares to count as feet, sketch the outline of your wall space (each square on the tablet = 12 inches.) Be sure to measure both the width and the height to get the right visualization of the entire wall.

Now, measure the height and width of the furniture that is sitting along that wall and box it in, as well. Be sure to use a pencil so you can erase and re-sketch, as needed.

Finally, simply sketch the size of the artwork that you feel would look best on the wall. Because the sketch is to scale, you can visualize how a certain size of art will fit on the wall above your current furniture.

If your first sketched collection seems too small, erase it and make it bigger. Or perhaps you realize you need to lower the collection to help bring the space “down” to the living area.

When I’m creating visuals for my clients, I create several options to help them decide what “feel” they want for their space. Do you want one large statement piece? Are you looking for a collection of 3-5 narrow panels? Or perhaps an asymmetrical, yet balanced, collection of various sizes, stacked to the ceiling is more your style. The possibilities are endless.

Above, is an example of an actual sketch I've created for a client as we began discussing their commissioned order. Once we decided on the size of each canvas, we began discussing which art I was to create on the custom-made panels.

Do you have a large wall “begging” for artwork?

If so, let’s collaborate! Send me your wall measurements.

Together, we can create a sketch for you to help you visualize exactly how
a custom artwork collection could look on your walls.

Remember..... it's just a wall! :-)

- Jen

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