By Jennifer Belt

This is NOT your grandma's antique mirror...

Each and every one of my customers is unique-- they each have individual tastes, preferences, styles, etc, (you get my point.)

And I love creating new wall art that satiates their desire to have "all the pretty things" in their homes.

Then, there are some customers (LIKE YOU) that are ON THE HUNT for the "out-side-of-the-box" item that you just can't find ANYWHERE else.

Do you have that item in your home?
Have you found it yet?

You know, that single, one-of-kind find that jumps off the wall and shouts, "Hey, you've NEVER seen ME before!"

Maybe you've been looking for that perfect statement piece to dress up your foyer...

Perhaps you could use a little reflective bling on the wall in your powder room...

Maybe you'd like to replace that ordinary mirror hanging over the fireplace with something incredibly unexpected...

One of my Artisan Mirrors could fill that void (dramatic, I know-- just like the mirrors.)

They feature one-of-a-kind designs that are hand painted (in reverse) on the BACKS of the mirrors. Yes, you can spray and polish to your heart's content (finger prints happen frequently as people touch them, intrigued by what they are seeing.)

Eclectic, dramatic, and intriguing-- that about sums it up.

I have a limited quantity of each design in stock. Links for detailed information, more photos, and instant ordering are included below (at the bottom of this email.)

Have you used your 20% discount code? If not, I've reactivated it!
Yep-- I'm the boss! This means I can do what I want.

I'm also open to creating something truly unique and exclusive for your space-- let's collaborate and make it happen! (Again, 20% discount code applies, if you haven't used yours yet!)

You can find lots of mirror design inspiration by visiting my online gallery at https://www.rubyrosestudio.com/artisan-mirrors

As always, you can contact me with all of your inquiries by replying to this post or calling me directly at (614) 620-0441. I'd love to chat-- tell me what's been going on since we've last spoken! Did you finally get that room repainted?

I look forward to any feedback you may have... and thanks for always taking a peek at my latest stuff.



Jen Belt, Artist & Owner
Ruby Rose Studio

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